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We are developing robust platforms that are focused, diversified, and universal. We are a global eCommerce solutions development company, digitally transforming all types of businesses.

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Reimagine Your Enterprise Business Applications


We evaluate the potential of the concept and consider the best technology stack to put it into action.

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eCommerce Development

Whether you need to build something from the ground up or are looking to optimize your business, we can help. We make all e-commerce platforms accessible to any system you require by combining great design with thoughtful technological connectors.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing boosts leads, sales, and revenue. Online shopping is booming. It’s time to implement digital marketing strategies and optimise your eCommerce store to boost sales with the BT team.

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Business Intelligence and Reporting

BT’s BI experts help you make informed decisions with data. Big Data analytics in e-commerce helps you understand your customers, predict consumer behaviour, and increase revenue.

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Result-Oriented Team

Versatile Tech Stack



Third Party API Integration

Our API-driven strategy can help your business manage complex technological demands. We integrate APIs for website analytics, project and team management tools, online payment systems, and other operational solutions.


Software Development

Benefit from cutting-edge technology tailored to your company’s specific requirements. We provide a wide range of software development services to ensure that you receive the best possible application for your company’s specific needs.


Mobile App Development

Multi-platform apps let your company’s app run on all smart devices. You aren’t limited by market or device. The app helps your company communicate with the target audience on any device.


Product Development

Whether you’re developing a web/ mobile app or a product, we can assist you with a wide range of tasks, such as user flow planning, user acquisition methods, audience expansion, and strategic market planning.


case studies

Find out how Beaconhouse Technology works
Find out how Beaconhouse Technology works with organisations around the world to achieve their business goals.




Insightful 5-10-min-reads on the latest tech and business trends,
products, solutions, and expertise in mobile and web development.

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